Well, the good news is that you have nowhere to go but up!

I’m serious – the fact that you took the quiz means that you are already moving in the right direction, which is something to pat yourself on the back about.

First, have you read my book, “Strategic Planning and Investing for Individuals”? Have you started implementing? If not, that’s your first stepClick to get a personally signed copy at 10% off the cover price, plus free shipping!

Considering where you are at, you should be concentrating on building your base – now is not the time to be worried about major investments. It’s all about building a strong and solid base on which to build your financial future. Make sense?

Here’s a simple step from the chapter called, “Creating Your Plan.” Are you building a financial base of protection against unforeseen catastrophic events by starting to build up a reserve of physical precious metals?

The easiest way to get started is to commit to purchasing a few silver coins per month – whatever you can comfortably afford. Silver coins are cheap! The prices are measured in tens-of dollars, not hundreds, or thousands-of-dollars. Anyone can afford to start investing in physical silver, so start now. If you can afford it, start accumulating gold coins too.

Next, as outlined in the chapter on “Asset Protection and Estate Planning” have you looked into purchasing whole-life insurance? It is one of the best ways to get a jump start on laying a solid foundation for your future investing. Strategic planning really is about learning to crawl before you walk, walk before you run, and running before you fly. Make sense?

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