Why Read Amazon Best Seller, “Strategic Planning and Investing for Individuals,” by John A. Michailidis, Esq.

While just one book isn’t going to make you an expert on strategic investing – such an undertaking would require many volumes — this is probably the very best book you can read to build a solid foundation for your future learning. Our purpose is to give you an understanding of the basics and a taste of the things you can do apart from the conventional (mostly bad) advice touted widely in the media. Yes, you’ll have more to learn after you’ve put this book down, but the foundation for your future learning will have been set.

Together we will consider:

• Your mindset.

• Economic fundamentals that are key to all prudent investment decisions.

• Asset protection and structuring strategies to help keep you out of trouble.

• Investment vehicles and strategies to help achieve your strategic investing goals.

There are fundamental principles to creating, protecting, and enhancing your finances, wealth, and lifestyle that must not be ignored – there is nothing random about the path you are choosing. You are now taking purposeful and proactive movement towards that which you desire. That said, understand that you do not have to become a professional financial-analyst, market-analyst, fundraiser, accountant, salesperson, or operator to achieve your goals.

This book is not the stuff of get-rich-quick, late-night infomercials. This book is not about getting a new side-hustle and pinching pennies. It is a concise, clearly presented, step-by-step overview and guide to passive-income generation, wealth creation, wealth preservation, and practical asset protection strategies that put you in control of your investments and liberates you from the Wall St. rat-race.

Rest assured that by the time you are through studying, considering, absorbing, appreciating, and implementing the principles contained herein, you’ll have the foundational knowledge and confidence to chart your own course and choose the best investments, advisors, and structures to get you to your goals. You’ve got this!

Understand that the financial game you’ll be playing from this point forward is not a lone-wolf endeavor. Lone-wolf investors seldom create real wealth – wealth creation and preservation are team sports. This is perhaps the most important lesson you’ll learn from our time together. Along the way I’ll introduce you to the types of professionals you’ll want to bring onto your team. People like attorneys, tax advisors, real estate syndicators, group-investment sponsors, precious metals experts, and specialized insurance brokers. I’ll show you how to align yourself with the right pros, and share thoughts on detecting and rejecting hacks who are just in it for the fee.

You’ll learn how to confidently engage these professionals in a way that in the end doesn’t cost you money, but actually multiplies your returns, because you’ll be making smart decisions and investments with people you actually know and trust. And of course, you’ll receive a broad overview of alternative investment vehicles.

If listening to the self-serving, cookie-cutter advice of Wall St. talking-heads leaves you cold, your eyes are about to be opened wider than you’ve ever imagined. There is a world of investment alternatives that the Wall St. banksters won’t ever tell you about because they can’t make steep commissions selling them to you. Your eyes will be opened to simple and legal approaches to securing and preserving your financial future that the average Joe/Jane never learns.