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I’m John Michailidis, author of “Strategic Investment Planning and Investing for Individuals,” and I’m on a mission to liberate regular “Main Street” people like you and I from the hucksters on Wall Street.

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Asset Protection, Diversification, And Passive Investing For Cash-Flow And Lifestyle Liberation

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Asset Protection, Diversification, and Passive Investing
for Cash-flow and Lifestyle Liberation

Herein lie the rules of the road for sensible wealth creation, wealth preservation, and strategic asset protection relevant to today’s turbulent economic times. Let this book be your guide to:

  • Gaining the knowledge and creating a mindset that leads to lifestyle liberation.
  • Locating and participating in professionally managed, tax-advantaged, passive, cash-flow generating, private group-investments that put you in control of your financial future.
  • Using self-directed retirement plans, insurance, precious metals, and off-shore investments to preserve, protect, perpetuate, and compound your wealth and income.
  • Properly structuring and integrating wills, trusts, limited partnerships, and LLC’s to control, wall-off, and protect your assets from lawsuits, creditors, probate, and family disputes.

Hi, I'm John Michailidis esq.

John Michailidis, MSIRE, JD, is an attorney and entrepreneur with degrees in economics, international real estate, and law. As a young man he served with the U.S. Army as an 82nd Airborne paratrooper. With a career spanning 30+ years as a broker, property manager, author, educator, mentor, group investment sponsor, and coach he actively works with those interested in fortifying their futures, preserving their assets, and leaving a legacy that lasts.

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Asset Protection, Diversification, And Passive Investing For Cash-Flow And Lifestyle Liberation

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